Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ok, i meant to post this yesterday, but i was too tired. still am but hey, i'm awake now
i went to an awards ceremony yesterday: held at the Slazenger factory for some reason (i think they sponsored it) and we had a presentation in the morning, followed by lunch, followed by a tour of the factory, followed by the prizegiving.
Needless to say, I won, but the presentation in the morning was booooor-ing. The lunch was quite cool, it was sandwiches on platters like but i ended up chatting up this well hot judge who i fancied (i think that's why i won). Then the tour of the factory was quite interesting. They pump nitrogen into the balls to make them high pressure inside so they bounce better! Also, we had to wear these protective eardefender things with little speakers in so we could hear the tour guide. even so: it was hard to hear him - they were making quite a racket in the factory.


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